Constructed in the early 1980’s, Brodie Oaks Shopping Center has been a South Austin destination for shopping, dining and gathering. Local development company Barshop & Oles has partnered with Lionstone Investments, a national leader in place-based community development, to create a new vision for Brodie Oaks. With the help of a team of local and national experts, and consistent engagement with our neighbors, we have a new vision for this important crossroads in South Austin. It creates a new community to celebrate transit-supportive density, expanded access to the Barton Creek Greenbelt and magnificent views of Downtown Austin and the Hill Country. Building on the legacy of this place, we have named this new development simply Brodie.

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To download the Planned Unit Development (PUD) application for this development

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Tentative Public Hearing Schedule

  • Parks Board Meeting | 09/26/2022 | View here | This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is amon-logo-header-1.png | | Approved unanimously
  • City Council initiation of the SOS Amendment | 10/13/2022 | Approved unanimously
  • Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee meeting | View here | 10/19/2022 | Approved unanimously
  • Environmental Commission meeting | View here | 11/02/2022 | Approved
  • Planning Commission meeting | View here | 11/15/2022 | Approved
  • City Council (First Reading) | View here | 12/08/2022 | Approved unanimously
  • City Council (Second Reading) | Upcoming
  • City Council (Third Reading) | Upcoming



Planning & Design Team