We link the site to its surroundings and create more access to the site for all.

Brodie will support ridership on Capital Metro’s existing high-capacity transit route (MetroRapid Route 803) on S. Lamar Boulevard with the development of a mixed-use project with transit-supportive densities. Shared parking and travel demand management strategies will reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles and encourage other modes of travel. The project will also provide a network of up to 4,700 feet of active trails, 10,000 feet of sidewalks, and a publicly-accessible trailhead into the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

The project is currently working with local organizations like the Save Barton Creek Association to explore how the project can support the construction and ongoing maintenance of a trail connection to the Barton Creek and regional Violet Crown trail systems. This project will provide separated pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure behind the curb which will be built to Core Transit Corridor standards as well as adhering to the S. Lamar Boulevard Mobility Corridor Improvements which were approved by voters in 2016. It should also be noted that with the adoption of Street Impact Fees by the City Council in December 2020, this project has an estimated Street Impact Fee obligation of over $7M. The project will work with the City of Austin, Texas Department of Transportation, and Capital Metro on improving access external to the site through a Traffic Impact Analysis process.